Ship & Shore Environmental’s Integrated Air Pollution Control System for a Chemical Facility in Downey, CA

Sustainable Compliance and Efficiency: Ship & Shore Environmental’s Integrated Air Pollution Control System for a Chemical Facility in Downey, California

Ship & Shore Environmental was contracted to design, engineer, and implement a comprehensive air pollution control system for a chemical facility located in Downey, California. The facility required a solution that would not only ensure compliance with stringent air quality regulations set forth by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) but also optimize operational efficiency and minimize environmental impact.
The Challenge:
The chemical facility in Downey, California faced the challenge of mitigating volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions generated during its manufacturing processes. With regulatory pressure mounting and a commitment to environmental stewardship, the facility sought a robust air pollution control system that would effectively capture and treat VOCs while meeting strict compliance standards.
The Solution:
Ship & Shore Environmental designed a tailored solution comprising a Soil Vapor Extractor (SVE), a 1,500 SCFM Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) equipped with a 500 SCFM knockout pot, an Acid Scrubber, and acid protection measures.
A key innovation in Ship & Shore’s solution was the proprietary-designed puff chamber integrated into the RTO system. Acting as a third canister, the puff chamber facilitated an impressively high destruction efficiency rating of 99.6%. During valve switching, the VOC-laden stream is directed into the puff chamber, ensuring even flow distribution. The chamber is meticulously sealed to prevent fugitive emissions and undergoes rigorous quality checks before deployment.
The RTO system is fully automated through a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system, eliminating the need for manual intervention to start and stop operations. Key parameters are displayed on the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) screen, providing operators with real-time insights into system performance.
End-to-End Partnership:
Ship & Shore’s involvement extended from initial custom design and engineering to fabrication, shipment, installation, and startup. By assuming responsibility for every phase of the project, Ship & Shore ensured seamless integration and optimal performance of the air pollution control system.
Compliance and Efficiency:
The implemented solution not only achieved compliance with the client’s requirements for water and chemical usage, NOx and CO emissions, system operating noise, water and natural gas pressure, and total electrical load but also exceeded the stringent standards set by the SCAQMD. The facility now operates within regulatory limits while minimizing its environmental footprint.
Ship & Shore Environmental’s integrated air pollution control system has enabled the chemical facility in Downey, California to achieve sustainable compliance with environmental regulations while enhancing operational efficiency. By leveraging innovative technologies and a holistic approach to project management, Ship & Shore continues to support clients in their commitment to responsible industrial practices and environmental stewardship.

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