Air Pollution Control And Wet Scrubber Systems

When it comes to the abatement of air pollution and industrial odor control, the experts at Ship and Shore Technologies can introduce you to a wide array of high-grade, low-cost air quality control equipment. Our company is a top supplier of odor control options including biological fitters, chemical scrubbers, and innovative carbon absorption technology.

Wet Scrubber Systems

How Do Wet Scrubbers Work?

In most odor control systems, the noxious air produced by a sewage treatment area is drawn into the wet scrubbing odor control cleaning system with the use of a fan. This polluted air is moved through the cleaning system where it is scrubbed, run through a filter, and then carried through a process where it will be cleaned by either a 1, 2, or 3-step system. First, the acrid air comes into direct contact with chemical reagents in a scrubbing concentrate. It is then sent through a packing medium. When the unhealthy air has been processed through the wet scrubbers and filters, it leaves the scrubbing system at nearly 100% purity.

Most commonly, the polluted air goes through an absorption process. First, the air is dissolved, converting it to a liquid stage. It is then subjected to reagents in order to bring about a chemical reaction. The wet scrubbing odor control system generally features specific components, including either a single stack or a pair of them, a water softener, dosing pumps, and storage tanks. These components come together to remove the odorous, often toxic, materials from the polluted air, making it clean again. 


For several years, wet scrubber technology has been utilized by the big industry of air pollution control due to its great effectiveness. These types of scrubbers are able to effectively remove pollutants of all types from the airstream including liquid, gas, and solid particulate pollutants. This is a unique and innovative type of pollutant removal that only wet scrubbers can achieve. Wet scrubbers are the most popular choice because the wet scrubbers for particulate control have the ability to remove a number of pollutants in a variety of forms from the gas stream, thereby purifying the air. The web scrubber manufacturer is proud of the fact that these types of scrubbers have been designed to initially remove any gas contaminants via diffusion. The solid and liquid particulates are then removed through a second stage via interception, cyclonic motion, or inertia.


It is true that all odor control systems of the wet scrubber type use the same chemical principles in their operation. However, they are most certainly not all created equally. As the expert engineers who work with your company are giving consideration to which wet scrubbers for particulate control to choose, it will be important for them to take system capacity into consideration. Look over the system’s ass transfer units and their available capacity, check out the pressure drop, the reliability of the operation of the scrubbing systems, and the efficiency of the required removal. The wet scrubber manufacturer took all of these factors under advisement, individually and collectively, when creating the most effective wet scrubbers for particulate control possible. All of these details come together to provide the most affordable, reliable, long-lasting wet scrubber systems available.

It must be stressed that all chemical scrubbers differ in nature and their performance depends on their efficiency. The amount of packing a scrubber system uses is what directly determines the efficiency with which the system will absorb contaminants and odors from the air. The packing medium levels can be customized in each wet scrubbing system, so it is possible to determine and set the level of the system’s efficiency in collecting contaminants.

Ship and Shore Technologies are the industry leaders in experience and working closely with the suppliers of the equipment necessary to provide our customers with the exact scrubbing solutions they require. We work closely with our customers’ own engineers to determine and choose the correct liner, resin, and curing system for the entire scrubbing system in order to guarantee long-lasting durability and excellent results.

Ship And Shore Technologies Exclusive K-Rosette Design

We are proud to offer a packing medium with a unique design in our K-Rosette filament. While our competitors’ filaments feature a cylindrical or spherical shape, our K-Rosette filament is square, making it better able to control streaming gas passing through the medium. This is thanks to the more efficient filament that is created by the K-Rosette’s thin ribbons and sharp edges. As a result, the K-Rosette uses less energy to clean the air. This is just one example of how Ship and Shore’s wet scrubber manufacturer designs provide the best results and a convenient process.

Exclusive K-Rosette Scrubber
Ship & Shore Technologies

Ship and Shore Technologies has your ideal air pollution abatement system, fully customizable to meet your specific needs. We pride ourselves on the knowledge that can only be achieved through years of experience. We are happy to team up with your company and its engineers to design and create a customized air pollution abatement an odor control system that is both affordable and effective.

We are dedicated to creating a cleaner, brighter, healthier world for everyone.

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