Venturi Scrubbing Air Pollution Control System

If you are looking for the highest quality solution for odor control as well as top of the line abatement systems to deal with air pollution, Ship and Shore Environmental has everything you need. Check out the Venturi Scrubbing Air Pollution Control System with the exclusive venturi scrubber design.


Only the most effective biological filters, chemical scrubbers, and carbon-absorbing materials are used in Ship and Shore Environmental’s odor control systems, exclusive to the venturi scrubber manufacturer. The venturi scrubber design reflects our focus on providing only the best in air quality solutions to all our corporate and industrial customers. We offer a full range of services including installation and maintenance of your new air quality control system as well as serving as equipment representatives for the pumps, fans, and all other components that come installed in each of our systems.

Venturi scrubber manufacturer

At Ship & Shore Technologies, we provide our clients with high-quality air pollution abatement and odor control solutions. Our skilled engineers deliver solutions that match every client’s individual needs. Within our extensive range of odor control and pollution abatement systems, we provide Venturi scrubber designs. If you need a wet scrubber to take control of your air pollution abatement needs, you will find that Venturi scrubbers make an excellent choice. Venturi scrubbers are considered the most effective wet scrubber for particle collection.

Venturi scrubbers are used in applications across many industries. The food production industry and metal manufacturing are just a couple of the industries that rely on Venturi scrubbers to remove particulates from their emissions.

Venturi scrubber design at ship & shore technologies

Our Venturi scrubber solutions effectively clean the air by removing particulate matter and play a crucial role in air pollution abatement. Our Venturi scrubbers are ideal for handling sticky particulates and for dealing with gases that are of a high temperature.

The particulate collection process begins with gases entering the Venturi system at the converging section. Concentrated scrubbing formula then enters through an inlet, and the particulates impact with the scrubbing liquid becoming trapped in droplets. The droplets are forced into the narrow throat section at a high velocity. The particulates are then removed when the droplets slow down as they enter the diverging section and exit.

As much of the particulate matter that is removed by the Venturi scrubber is potentially harmful, it is vital to choose a Venturi scrubber solution that you can rely on to collect particulates and prevent any hazardous situations effectively and thoroughly.

Choosing a manufacturer that can design and build Venturi scrubbers customized to meet your specific particulate requirements is vital to ensure the machinery is fit for purpose and able to operate effectively. Different designs of Venturi scrubbers are needed for different applications. For example, particulates that contain lots of dust will require a wet-model Venturi scrubber to prevent dust build-up. Likewise, selecting a different throat size will provide more control over the flow rate and allow for effective processing of different particulate sizes.

At Ship & Shore Technologies, we have many years of experience designing, building, and maintaining Venturi scrubbers for our clients. We will create a Venturi scrubber designed to meet your exact specifications at a cost-effective price. Once your Venturi scrubber is designed and completed, we will be on hand to carry out maintenance and supply parts when needed to ensure your equipment continues to operate efficiently.

Choosing Ship & Store Technologies to design and build your Venturi scrubber solutions offers many benefits. Our Venturi scrubbers deliver impressive results while only taking up a small footprint at your business premises. We will work with your in-house engineers to ensure your Venturi scrubber is designed for your specific purposes to ensure maximum particulate collection. Working in this way provides the most effective method of achieving the ideal equipment for your business while ensuring you pay a cost-effective price.

Venturi Scrubbing


The venturi scrubber manufacturer created a system that cleans the air by first collecting the particulate matter that exists in industrial air emissions. These particulates vary in size from minute to quite large. They are comprised of materials that can be difficult or even hazardous to handle. They can be flammable or corrosive, which makes it extremely important that only highly trained professionals and top-quality suppliers like Venturi are chosen for the design, installation, care, and maintenance of your air pollution control system.


Two of the technologies that Venturi most often sees in use are the precipitator and the baghouse. It should be noted that the venturi scrubber manufacturer provides important advantages that these two technologies do not. These advantages include corrosive gas stream control at a reasonable cost and the processing of gas streams which contain highly volatile, flammable gases. This is something that other odor and air quality control systems cannot accomplish.

Venturi systems require capital investments at a lower rate than usual. They are more compact as well, meaning space will be saved and the overall appearance will be more neat and streamlined. Do not be deceived by the smaller size and lower cost. Venturi’s particulate removal and gas absorption are far superior to baghouses and precipitators. These significant and unique advantages set Venturi head and shoulders above the competition.


The Venturi Scrubbing Air Pollution Control System comes in two primary models: the wet model and the non-wet model. The wet-model Venturi system allows the gas to come into direct contact with the concentrated scrubbing formula at the inlet. The gas cannot deposit any type of solid materials into the Venturi system since the entire surface area is wet and thus nothing will adhere to it.

A high temperature and low humidity-level gas is ideal for the wet Venturi model. It is also the most effective system for gas emissions that contain sticky particulate matter.

The non-wet model does not allow the gas that is being scrubbed to ever make direct contact with the scrubbing formula before it enters the system’s throat section. The gas instead meets the concentrated scrubber formula inside the throat system. A gas with a low temperature and a high level of humidity is perfect for processing via the Venturi’s non-wet system. The Venturi is perfect for these two types of gas emissions due to its low-cost air cleaning process.


Ship and Shore’s mission is to provide the best systems for providing cleaner products that will come into contact with the environment and the people who inhabit our planet. We care about the impact that pollutants and harmful emissions have on all life in this world whether human, animal, or plant. We are soundly conscious of the water, air, and earth as all are affected by these issues, and it is our honor to always make certain that Ship and Shore treats the environment with care and respect. Our systems are designed and manufactured with this in mind, as well as for functionality and dependability. While other manufacturers focus only on making money by selling and installing indiscriminately the systems they create at a lower level of quality, Venturi is constantly working to improve our already-superior products and find ways to provide our customers with the best systems at the lowest prices with the least harmful environmental footprint.

Ship & Shore Technologies

Ship and Shore Technologies has your ideal air pollution abatement system, fully customizable to meet your specific needs. We pride ourselves on the knowledge that can only be achieved through years of experience. We are happy to team up with your company and its engineers to design and create a customized air pollution abatement an odor control system that is both affordable and effective.

We are dedicated to creating a cleaner, brighter, healthier world for everyone.

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