At refineries or manufacturing plants, a large volume of pollution can accumulate. This is especially true when contaminated streams of hot gas are produced from incinerators, reactors, boilers, or other machinery.

These must be eliminated once the processes are complete. If not, the pollution can affect workers and equipment. Furthermore, it might be dispersed to nearby residential areas. The result is potential illnesses and significant fines for the plant.

Quench Tower


To eliminate this pollution, plants utilize quench towers and scrubber quenches to remove this heated liquid. It’s the first step to condition that particular air stream so poisonous emissions can be removed.

Quenching works the same way you would satisfy your thirst through a cold drink. Except on a much larger scale.

The exhaust gas is delivered into the tower. It is then cooled by water sprays to the point of saturation. It must be done at this level to avoid potential damage once it reaches the scrubber quenches.

The control software for these towers measures the air temperature and moisture content to determine the proper saturation point. Doing this helps avoid the excessive consumption of water when it isn’t required.

Some tower controls factor in additional elements to decide on the saturation level. These include the stream’s composition, its velocity into the tower, and the nozzle design.


It depends on the size of the plant and what is being done. This information gives a company who makes and sells quenching tower and scrubbing units and idea of volume and potential hurdles.

Nevertheless, the company chosen to install a new tower/scrubber, or upgrade an older one, will work with plant to find the best solution. There’s a good chance they’ll make an on-site visit to see how everything works. Then, they can provide a proper estimate for installation and training.


Once the desired temperature is reached, the stream is moved to the scrubber quenches. At this stage, wet air equipment breaks down the chemical compounds of the stream. Depending on what it’s original purpose was, the stream can be recycled for future use. Or, it can be disposed of in a proper and non-toxic manner.

There’s another advantage to the quenching process. Not only does it eliminate harmful emissions but also odors. Overall, smells can have a similar effect on workers and nearby areas. So, the scrubbers remove these particulates through diffusion.


Besides the removal of odors and toxicity, quenching has some other advantages.

  • It reduces a company’s carbon footprint
  • It protects the surrounding environment
  • It maintains continual plant productivity
  • It eliminates older machinery and processes that didn’t do the job

In the end, a quenching tower and scrubbers ensure the safety and health of workers and machinery. And, when employees feel safe, they establish a more positive attitude. That leads to their own increases in productivity.

The Ship And Shore Technologies ADVANTAGE

At Ship and Shore, we take pride in the fact that our Emergency Chlorine Scrubbing Systems either meet or exceed the United States government requirements as well as the environmental agency’s highest performance guidelines and that they do so while providing economically viable pollution control solutions. Our air pollution control systems handle noxious odors and their levels as part of our dedication to keeping your worksite as safe as possible. 

The combination of Ship and Shore Technology’s innovative, top quality products with our unequaled industry experience means that you can depend on us to provide the best products and service you will find anywhere. For more information or with any questions, please contact Ship and Shore Technologies.

Quench Tower
Ship & Shore Technologies

Ship and Shore Technologies has your ideal air pollution abatement system, fully customizable to meet your specific needs. We pride ourselves on the knowledge that can only be achieved through years of experience. We are happy to team up with your company and its engineers to design and create a customized air pollution abatement an odor control system that is both affordable and effective.

We are dedicated to creating a cleaner, brighter, healthier world for everyone.

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