Air Pollution Control And Emergency Chlorine Scrubber Systems

Ship and Shore Technologies is among the leading suppliers of top of the line air pollution control systems. One of the most popular and effective of these is the Emergency Chlorine Scrubber System (ECSS). This and our other chlorine scrubber systems have been shown, through extensive testing, to remove in excess of 99.999% of chlorine emissions, resulting in clean air, free of these toxins. Ship and Shore Technologies takes pride in its work as responsible emergency chlorine scrubber manufacturer.

Chlorine Scrubber Systems


We take every possible step to ensure that our air pollution control systems work as efficiently as possible. This includes installation, performance, and maintenance. Our emergency chlorine gas scrubber is installed in close proximity to each chlorine storage container at the site. Should the system’s detection sensors find that chlorine gas levels in the air are elevated, the emergency chlorine scrubber system goes into action immediately. The system’s fan pulls the chlorine gas from the air and carries it inside the chlorine gas scrubber. There is no delay in the system’s operation until the chlorine gas levels reach a point that can cause problems should there be a lesser-performing system in place. Our emergency chlorine gas scrubber is triggered the moment the chlorine gas is detected and begins removing it quickly and completely in order to avoid any issues whatsoever. 


Once the chlorine scrubber system detects chlorine gas in the atmosphere, its fan is automatically activated in order to draw the gas into the ECSS chamber. At that point, a highly concentrated cleaning agent releases into the system. There, the chlorine gas and the scrubbing concentrate come into contact with one another. The chlorine gas is neutralized by the scrubbing solution. The gas is then contained within a secure packing medium which is located at the bottom of the scrubber system’s tank. 


One of the things that sets Ship and Shore Technologies apart from the competition is our personalized care and dedicated service where our customers are concerned. This is why we take extra precautions when it comes to potentially dangerous issues like gas buildup and air pressure. This is especially dangerous when chlorine gas is a factor. Our Emergency Chlorine Scrubbing System is designed with a unique absorption medium that works specifically to prevent high levels of chlorine gas pressure buildup. As an emergency chlorine scrubber manufacturer, Ship and Shore Technologies will always put the safety of our valued customers first. 


As an added convenience and safety measure, our Emergency Chlorine Scrubber System is designed to be activated either automatically or manually. Should the system’s chlorine gas detector sense that gas levels are too high, it will immediately automatically begin working to remove the chlorine gas from the air, neutralize the gas, and store it away safely. 

Alternately, should a worker discover too-high chlorine gas levels, the system can also be manually activated. The option of more than one means of activation of the emergency scrubber system means a greater level of safety for your site and for everyone in the vicinity.


Ship and Shore Technologies offers a number of different makes and models of our emergency chlorine scrubber systems so that there is one available to fit your specific requirements. We offer cylindrical sump, single-tower models with a chlorine capacity of between 50-700kg. These models operate with air flowrates ranging from 1200-2800 cubic meters per hour.

For larget air quality needs, we offer cubical sump models which feature double towers. These larger models have a capacity ranging from a 1-3 ton chlorine gas capacity and flowrates ranging from 6000-9000 cubic meters per hour.


Our Emergency Chlorine Scrubber System is impressive in its efficiency and performance, including its fast-acting ability and quick results, It works at a rate of 40Kg per minute. Chlorine concentration as it has been measured being removed via the ECSS outlet is often as low as 1 part per million by volume (ppmv). The United States Department of Defense Unified Facilities Criteria (USA-UFC) requires removal of 5 or below ppmv. This means that our system not only meets but far exceeds these requirements. 

The Ship And Shore Technologies ADVANTAGE

At Ship and Shore, we take pride in the fact that our Emergency Chlorine Scrubbing Systems either meet or exceed the United States government requirements as well as the environmental agency’s highest performance guidelines and that they do so while providing economically viable pollution control solutions. Our air pollution control systems handle noxious odors and their levels as part of our dedication to keeping your worksite as safe as possible. 

The combination of Ship and Shore Technology’s innovative, top quality products with our unequaled industry experience means that you can depend on us to provide the best products and service you will find anywhere. For more information or with any questions, please contact Ship and Shore Technologies.

Emergency Chlorine Scrubbing Systems
Ship & Shore Technologies

Ship and Shore Technologies has your ideal air pollution abatement system, fully customizable to meet your specific needs. We pride ourselves on the knowledge that can only be achieved through years of experience. We are happy to team up with your company and its engineers to design and create a customized air pollution abatement an odor control system that is both affordable and effective.

We are dedicated to creating a cleaner, brighter, healthier world for everyone.

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